Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where has all the pumpkin gone??

What's left of Libby's 2009 pumpkin inventory:
six cans stored in the office of Marketing Director Evan Lunde.

Since it is september, I thought I was justified to start breaking out the pumpkin flavors early.
I had two 29oz cans from last year still in my cabinet, so I made about 14 jars of my homemade pumpkin apple butter (YUMMY!!)

I don't know about you, but I only discovered this past week that there was no Libby's pumpkin to be found. ANYWHERE. Let me tell you, I have searched high and low. In a course of two days, I have been to Target, Walmart, BJs, and about 7 grocery stores. No Libby's anywhere! I did find some random Organic pumpkin mix in a can. It is onnly 15 oz and it was going for $3 a can?!? Geez!!! 

If you check ebay (which I did) people are selling cans of Libbys's pumpkin: for example, a 29oz can is about $2 (makes two pies), 4 cans of it on ebay are selling for $32! How insane!

 i dont' know about you fall inthusiasts, but I am WORRIED! It is already september, and pumpkin season is right around the corner!

 An ominous sign: Supermarket shoppers get the bad news in writing. If the weather cooperates this summer, a new crop will ship in September. They had a bad harvest last year, so that is why there is a shortage this year. Hopefully they had a better harvest this year, and some cans should be appearing before Thanksgiving. Keep your eyes peeled! For now, I will have to experiment with the random Organic stuff. Hope it is good!


Manda said...

Not happy about this at all. I had trouble finding it last year too and I was hoping it would be better this year (wishful thinking, I suppose). Luckily, I found a can hiding in the cabinet so I can at least make something. But still, huge dislike on the shortage front.

Lissa Bee said...

I know. I am so frustrated! AND the organic stuff isnt as good either!