• Jessica Recchiuti
      "I loved the Truffles! A great combination of Oreo cookies & cream cheese dipped in chocolate."
      October 8th 2011

    • Tom Douglas
      "Better than sex brownies were the best brownies I ever had in my life."

      October 8th 2011


    • Georgine Guzzi
      "The pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing were very moist, like a banana bread texture. They very tasty, a nice fall dessert. The cream cheese icing was delicious!!"
      October 7th 2011

      Stephanie Anderson
      "If you like Cannolis, Melissa's Cannoli Pie is to DIE FOR. SO GOOD!"
      October 1st 2011

    • Abbey Tereba
      "Truffles are is everything else! Buckeyes, Pumpkin Bread, and the good old fashioned Chocolate Chip Cookies are all great!"
      September 24 2011

    • Amy Everard Thompson
      "Melissa's pumpkin bread is the best I've ever had. It is moist, has great texture, and the taste is incredible - the perfect blend of spices!!!! (And everything else I've tried of hers is also phenomenal!!)"
      September 23 2011

    • David Maio Williams
      "Perfect little mini red velvet cupcakes!!! Little pieces of sweetness and a delicious cream cheese icing. If Melissa and I lived closer, I would try everything she makes."
       September 23 2011