Sunday, September 26, 2010

pink and purple

While I was in the middle of typing this, a bad storm blew through the city and my electricty blew out, adn was out for most of the night. Now I can post!!!!!
My sergeant at work ( I am a police officer if you didn't know!!) asked me to bake cupcakes for her daughter's brithday. Her daughter loved pink and purple, and so my work was set out for me! She also requested a type of cupcake I had made before.

I call them "shortcake surprise".
Shortcake surprise. It is a cupcake that when it is done baking, I immediately once they are taken out of the oven, push a piece of strawberry into the center, it si quite yummy. I am not a fan of the fruit, but it jsut sounds good which led me to make them!

She wanted pink and purple icing. I used strawberry icing (pink) and tinted vanilla icing (red and blue) to make purple. They came out quite nice. I added some pink sprinkes for effect. I looked for purple, but sadly didnt have any!

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