Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Imagination Movers

Most people at work know I love to bake. One of my husband's co-workers asked me if I could make a birthday cake for her son's 4th birthday. Nothing crazy extravagant. She emailed me the designs she liked, and I took a look at them. Imagination Movers is a children's show by Disney, and her son LOVES them.

She wanted a 1/2 sheet cake. My hubby kindly surprised me by purchasing me a half sheet cake pan! He's so great :-)

(I apologize for some of these pictures, blogger wouldn't rotate them the correct direction!)
The Movers

The cake design she liked

Me doodling the design.

Getting the batter ready....

Here is a fun baking fact....use parchment paper because it is awesome! Sometimes I make cakes, and can't get them out of the pan, and they get ruined. So, googling a bit, my hubby found a blog that said to use parchment paper. And, that is what I did.

Grease pan, Cut out the paper the size you need, and place paper in pan. DO NOT SUBSTITUTE WITH WAX  PAPER

Then once paper is in, spray the paper with non stick spray.

Then pour cake batter in. A half sheet cake takes a lot of batter!!!!

Cook according to the recipe you need. Since it was a bigger pan, I didn't want the edges to be over done and the center to be underdone!. So turn the temperature on the oven down, so it can stay in longer, then it comes out perfect! Let cool for about 10 minutes, then turn pan upside down on to cake board. Cake should come right now. Then peel off paper. AANNNNDD your done!

Then came the icing part. The hubby assisted me in cutting out the fondant letters and smoothing the icing. I used butter cream because fondant adheres better to it than other icing.

Cutting out the letters of fondant!

Finished product! The colored dots are plain M&Ms. Not too hard of cake, but definitely was time consuming, yet lots of fun!!!


Sara said...

Mel, That looks amazing!! You are so talented!!!!

Bethany Arnold said...

Wow! So people are asking you to bake for them for parties? Sounds like your own little business just waiting to happen!