Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blueberry Apple Jam/Jelly, well it's one of those.....

When I went to Maine, there were BLUEBERRIES everywhere! I am obsessed with Maine. I love it there. I would love to live there full time! Such a great state. When I was there I purchased a blueberry cookbook. It's all about the blueberries!

I make homemade pumpkin apple butter, I was thinking, what about blueberry apple butter or jam or  jelly? It can't be that hard, right?

Well most of the recipes require stove top use, pectin etc. Wasn't there an easy recipe? I thought, why not just use the crock pot again? It should work the same? hahaha....not really.

I had 3 cartons of blueberries left, so I used that. I didn't want them to go bad in the fridge. I so I got my dry erase board marker ready, and wrote things down as I went....

The 3 little cartons of blueberries pureed = only 2 cups of blueberries. So, I went from there!

I then just started adding random stuff. Applesauce, cider, cinnamon.....and all in the crock pot it went. I let it sit for about 4-5 hours (like the apple butter). It did not get the same consistency as the pumpkin apple butter, but I hoped for the best. Might as well finish what I started, even if it doesn't turn out great. I boiled the jars and lids, and this time I invested in a funnel to reduce the mess I usually make. It was a great $4 investment. The funnels came with a set of 3.

This stuff is very sticky!

All done, let it sit overnight to cool and then planned on trying it at breakfast with the hubby
(he is my lab rat, i test everything on him!! hahaha)
Final test...on toast.....

and it passed!!!! He usually gives me good critiques. I asked what I could have added or done better and he told me nothing, that it was great! It isn't butter consistency, or a jelly consistency, it is more of a jam. It tastes phenomenal!!!!

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I need quantities, how much applesauce and cinnamon did you use?