Sunday, December 13, 2009

Anderson Ave Pretzel Melts

Anderson Ave Pretzel Melts

My mom made these cute yummy treats for a holiday party I had at my house last night. They delicious and super easy to make. My mom and older sister Stephanie both know hwo to make them and this is where the recipe came from!

Ingredients: (amount depends on how many you want!)

  1. Mini Pretzels

  2. Chocolate pieces ( can purchase at craft store: Michael's, A.C. Moore)

  3. M&Ms


  1. Place pretzels on wax paper on a cookie tray.

  2. Place chocolate piece over each pretzel.

  3. Place in oven at 250 degrees for just a few minutes, watch to look for when chocolate is shiny. You don't want to the chocolate completely melted, only just a little bit!

  4. Take out of oven, and place a M&M in center of melted chocolate.

  5. Let cool, then serve!


dsofranac said...

those were delish,and so was everything else.Thanks so much for a wonderful time last nigt

Anonymous said...

thanks fran! pics are up on facebook!

Miss. Ziegler said...

So I'm roaming around your recipes again! Came across this one. At Christmas when you try this again, instead of chocolate pieces, may I reccomend rolos. Yes, indeed. Chocolate and carmel on a pretzel? INDEED. I've made those before. Still with an M&M on top, too! Devine!