Thursday, September 3, 2009

Apple Fun, part II

More Candy Apples? Of Course! I wanted to try something a little different than the semi sweet chocolate I used the day before. I went to Michael's Craft Store and bought candy melt they sell in the baking section. You can used candy melt for apple dipping, candy making, and other fun stuff!

(sorry the pictures are backwards i the order i wanted them!)

The final products! Turned out pretty good, and i brought them into work as samples, they got good reviews from my co-workers!

A peanut butter covered apple drizzled in white chocolate and dark chocolate. The candy melt worked pretty good. It had the same effect as the semi-sweet chocolate I used, but it hardened a little faster. 

A great way to drizzle chocolate or any other topping. I bought these little squeeze bottles in the baking section at Michaels.  Fill the bottle with whatever topping you desire....for example, white chocolate. Put the chips in the bottle, fill it about half way. Place the bottle in warm/hot water to heat the chocolate. DO NOT PUT IN BOILING HOT WATER. This will melt the bottle! Once candy is melted, decorate as desired! You can always put bottle back in warm water to heat up the chocolate again!

These would make great treats for the fall season, and for trick-or-treaters!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, those look so great. You should totally open your own business! You are so creative! Keep up the great work, and all the fun blog posts you publish!!!!