Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fudge experimentation!

Tuesday night and Wednesday morning I did a bit of baking. I had some good results, some ok results, and some that were just not so good! I started out making marble fudge and butterscotch fudge. I have been on a fudge making streak these days, but the only one i can seem to master is the peanut butter fudge!

I started out mixing ingredients on the stove. Mixing the marshmellows was fun! I then added the chocolate chips and white chocolate chips, and swirled them together with a toothpick.

I then put it in the refridgerator to chill. Looks pretty doesn't it?

I ended up keeping the fudge in the refridgerator overnight. I cut it up the next morning. So, the fudge turned out....ok. It tasted great, but it wasn't firm enough kinda mushy. Everyone at work thought it tasted great! It still needs improvement though. 

I am learning that baking is an art. Trial and error. I just can't help I want it to be perfect! 


Steph said...

Also - isn't it true it helps to use a candy thermometer when making fudge? Do you have one?

Lissa Bee said...

no i need one though!