Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cake Cake Cake!

It is always great to have a reason to bake a cake. At work, it was a Sergeant's birthday. I decided to make him a cake! One, it was his birthday....Two, it gave me a reason to practice my skills.

I got these baking pans as an engagement gift from my friend Sara Hill. They are Calphalon ''9 inch baking pans. They came in a pack of two. They are a perfect size for cake making, and they work really well if making double layered cake.

I am experiementing with fondant on the cake. There are recipes for making your own fondant, but since i am not very experienced in the area of fondant making, I purchased a box at Michael's craft store in the baking section to practice. Fondant is relatively easy to work with, but can be tricky at times.
Good things about fondant: it molds easily and if you mess up, you can just roll it into a ball and start all over!

These are pieces of fondant I have cut and shaped in the hopes of making a fondant bow. I cut out different sizes and lengths. On thebox of fondant, it had how to make a fondant bow and loops. Soooooo...i gave it a whirl!

Wilton Baking has some cool ideas, merchandise, recipes, and decorating links on their website. Wilton has been a top leader in cake decorating, quality bakeware and food crafting business.

Here is the fondant bow so far....not too bad for my first time making it!

The Sergeant likes chocolate, so I added some mini semi-sweet chocolate chips, and drizzled some chocolate on the fondant bow.

Not too bad at my first time making a fondant bow, went a little crazy on thte chocolate drizzle. I gave it to him at work, and he said that cake was devoured in 30 minutes tops.....that must have been one good cake.... :-)

If anyone would like the directions on how to make a fondant bow, it is really easy, just need a little patience!

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