Monday, April 18, 2011

Cut That Pineapple!

Pineapple is a great fruit for lots of recipe! Instead of buying a package already cut up in the produce isle for like $5. I bought a full pineapple for $1.99!!!

Here is a tutorial how to cut up a pineapple! It is super easy, and much easier than it looks. Plus, it is much more cost effective.

Cut off the top of pineapple.

Cut off the bottom of the pineapple.

Stand the pineapple upright, and cut off all the skin in slices. Continue all the way around until the pineapple is finished!!

Slice the pineapple up!!

Cut out the center. The center of the pineapple can sometimes be soft,
 but is usually hard and not good to eat.

Then slice into pieces!!. I put mine in the freezer so I can use it in fruit smoothies. You should refrigerate once it is cut up. You can freeze pineapple. I would only do this if you're planning to use it in a recipe. If you simply want to serve it later, "as is", it's not going to thaw out well. It thaws out mushy. But for baking, drinks, smoothies, and cocktails, it is fine!

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