Friday, August 20, 2010

Birthday cupcakes!

My niece Lucy turned 2 the same weekend as my friend Maureen got married. I also made baked goods for Lucy's party. I didnt want to go crazy wild making baked goods like I normally do, so I just made some cupcakes and a small cake.

Lucy loves the show Caillou, so my mom ordered a screen print to put on the cake. I didnt want to ruin in, so I had her help me put on the decoration. It turned out really well. I was nervous that the design would tear!

I wanted to make lady bug cupcakes......but apparently when you combine red food coloring with white vanilla icing, it turns pink! Ahhhh! So instead, Lucy had bright pink cupcakes instead. hahaha.

Even though the lady bug cupcakes did not turn out, I still wanted to make something special. I saw a design of dragonfly cupcakes, and made those instead. They turned out really well. Let me tell you, it is time consuming, so do not think this is a fast project!

****I will leave a tutorial on how to make the dragonfly cupcakes on another post!

Lucy loved her cupcakes!
Messy face!

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