Sunday, July 4, 2010

Red White and Blueberry!

Happy 4th of July!
I hope everyone had a great fun filled day!

 Today, I went to a BBQ at my sister's house. I know how I get with attempting to overdo something when I am on a time limit. So, today I made an very easy dessert.

I don't care what anyone says....sometimes I love to use box cake mix when I am on a time crunch. Short on time? Grab a box of $1.99 cake mix. Betty Crocker is my favorite. Don't you judge me......

Take your favorite box of cake mix, bake according to directions.
For this cake, I used yellowcake and vanilla icing...Cover cake with icing!

Since it is 4th of July....I wanted to be festive.
 I used Strawberries (red), Blueberries (blue), and white vanilla icing. Perfect!

Lots and lots of fruit!

At first I wanted to do an American flag. I wanted to be patriotic, but something different. I then decided it would be easiest to make a star out of blueberries because they are small, and I wanted to put it in the center.

Stawberries are too bulky, so I sliced them up. Then I figured I would just surround it with strawberries, and throw some sprinkles on top! Wahoooooo! The tray looked a bit bare with just a cake, so I added the extra strawberries and blueberries around the edges for some extra festiveness.


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Anonymous said...

That looks AWESOME! Box cake or not you are a pro at decorating! Hope you are having a good, Bethany