Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cookies for Cause

Hello friends!

I have been neglecting the blog recently. I apologize, i am just so busy all over the place lately. Recently, I seemed to have start a little baking organization (not, but a branch of it!) for good cause. I want others to know that Lissa Bee Confections cares! I call it Cookies for Cause. I want to solve problems with my baking, and I want my baking to help others!

I did the same thing about 2 years ago, and starting up again. I just started it this week, and already people are flooding me with bake orders, which is AWESOME!

I am hosting a bake sale/fundraiser at work. All the proceeds go to a certain person in need. Currently, my baked goods are sponsoring a co-worker of mine, Eric Hoar, who was injured in a car accident about a month ago. Please take time to click on his link and read about his story.
If you are interested in donating money or purchasing baked goods for his cause, please contact me at
 Cookies for Cause

Eric Hoar

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