Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day


I hope everyone wore something festive today! I wore my shamrock socks under my work boots!

Here are a few recipes for you to celebrate the holiday!

Cinnamon Sugar Shamrock cookies & Festive Chocolate Chip cookies

Shamrock cookies first!
Gather the ingredients of what you need.
 I love cinnamon, it just makes everything taste so good!

Combine dry ingredients in a small bowl

In a larger bowl, add dry ingredients to wet ingredients.

One dough is mixed shape into a disc shape

wrap in plastic wrap and place in refridgerator till firm

Next roll out dough on flour surface.
Recipe say 1/8inch thick, but I find that slightly thicker cookies are better!

Follow your regular chocolate chip recipe. When it comes times to add the chocolate chips, add some festive ingredients to it. I found cookies decorations at A.C. Moore. I used sprinkles that had shamrocks in them!

Once combined, place on a cookie sheet as you normally do, and bake as directed.

Use what cookie cutter shape you desire. You can use this recipe for any cookie cutter shape.
I found this shamrock cutout at A.C. Moore for $0.69!

Transfer cookie dough cutout to a greased baking sheet.
Add your decorations to bake! I used green & white sugar toppings. Place in oven.

Remove from oven and let cool.

And serve!

Chocolate Chips with Festive shamrock sugar decorations!

Check back for recipe!

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