Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lazy Weekend Concoctions: Part II

Lazy Weekend Concoctions
Valentine's Day Edition
Part II

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Ingredients you need:

*Chocolate chips, baking bar (whatever type of chocolate you want to melt to dip strawberries in)
*toppings (if desired)

1: rinse strawberries

2: Dry Strawberries. Melted Chocolate will not stick to the fruit if it is wet.

3. Dip in Chocolate. I used both white chocolate & semi-sweet chocolate. Both turned out great!

4. Place Strawberry on wax paper. I lined a cookie tray with wax paper to make it easier.
Then place in refridgerator to harden the chocolate.

5. If you want a double dip effect, re-dip in chocolate.

6. Place back in refridgerator if re-dipped in chocolate. If you are going to add a topping to stick to chocolate, immediately add topping after dipped into the melted chocolate.

7. Enjoy!

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