Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lazy Weekend Concoctions: Part I

Lazy Weekend Concoctions
Valentine's Day Edition

Hello friends! As you know Valentine's day is this weekend! Here a some last minute baked good gifts from the heart ideas for a loved one! I made some for work on Friday, and they were a hit!! These posts will be in parts, so brace yourself! It has lots of loving yummy ideas!

 Recipe #1: Surprise Cupcakes

I had a post on this recipe before, but I do not mind posting again! I will be providing the link for the recipe which is on my sister's AWESOME blog!

Surprise Cupcake Recipe

First line cupcake pan with liners

The cream cheese chocolate chip filling. YUMMMMMMMM

Combine cupcake batter in bowl

Pour batter about 2/3 full in to each cupcake liner. Do not over fill.
This will cause cupcake to overflow! Leave room for the filling!

Take a teaspoon of filling and put in center of cupcake batter!

Allow to cool!

Add a heart made of icing for some extra love!

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