Saturday, November 13, 2010

holiday cupcake liners

It is almost that time of year! CHRISTMAS season is coming up!!
That means lots of baked goods, the smells of cinnamon, and baking in the kitchen.
 Its only November so I am hooked on pumpkin flavor right now!

Well, I was at Target getting some groceries....and by habit I go tot the Xmas displays and roam the newly set up Xmas isles. I found a whole little baking section. I tried to find pictures of what I bought online but couldn't! I bought some of the CUTEST holiday cupcake and treat lines. And they were only a few $! Below are some examples of cute liners out there!

Don't forget that when a holiday is over, things go on sale! I am stocked up on my baking seasonal items for Halloween and fall next year, you should do that same!!!!

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