Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Birthday cake experimentation

This post is SOOOO way over due!! My husbands birthday is in the beginning of October. I wanted to make a cake for him, and practice with some of the new stuff i had bought....stencils, and cake airbrushing stuff.

I decided brownie cake. It is reallly  reallllly good brownie recipe.

I live by using parchment paper now. It makes baking so much more easier!!
 It makes the baked product easier to get out of the pan

Ok, I admit. This is defiantely not going to win the award for the prettiest cake.
It might get the award for the ugliest cake.

I was experimenting with stencils and edible airbrush paint stuff I got at Michaels. It didnt' turn out how I thought, and it looked just like a wet mess, so i put some sprinkles on it, to help the design turn out.

I need to practice my icing handwriting. At least it tasted good!!

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Medifast Coupons said...

Well as long as it tasted good. So many of my cake creations honestly look like some kind of experiment gone wrong but they always taste good and that gets everyone past the ugly.