Sunday, June 6, 2010

cake mistakes!

In May, ( i know I am so behind on my blogging!), My brother-in-law had a birthday, so i figured I would use that to try out my cake decorating skills. I might say, cake decorating is HARD. Icing can de difficult. I have such respect for people who do this for a living. BRAVO.

I wanted to make a mini layer cake, so I used 3 different cake pan sizes.

Buttercream. I do not know what the secret is to making it smooth, but I will figure it out!
So, please don't judge, I know this is one ugly cake.

Decorating with icing, is just as hard. This is one sad looking cake, but it still tasted good!

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Lorelie said...

Hi Lissa,
I really like your blog. I may be able to help you with your cake decorating skills! Your wedding cake did looks yummy!