Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm back! Bread Baking workshop!

Hey friends!

I am back! Sorry I've been gone, I promise you I didn't forget you! Ok: to catch up! This post is not dessert or cookie related. This past weekend I was part of a bread baking workshop class. Jack an d his family signed me up as a birthday present. It was two 8 hour days of baking bread. Intense? Yes. Fun? Definately! Calorie free? HECK NO!

I learned so much about making, baking, and creating bread, it was crazy! I never realized how hard bread is to make sometimes! I have a lot of more respect for people who own bakeries and bake bread/pastries for a living!

We learned and made ourselves about a bunch of different types of bread. It was such a good class!

If anyone lives in the DC metro area, I encourage you to check out some baking classes at

You will NOT be disappointed!

Here are some pictures from the Class!

Cinnamon-Raisin bread= DELICIOUS!

A lesson from a classmate on how to throw fizza dough. Do not try this at home!!

All ready for the oven!

Getting the pizza prepared!

 Yummy Filling

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