Thursday, February 18, 2010

The sweetest place on earth? Yes!

For those of you have never been to Hershey, PA: This is a trip you need to make. It is great for all ages. I went this past weekend for Valentine's Day with my husband. He has never been, and I havent been there in forever, and I thought it would be fun. This place...seriously, they just HAND out candy for free. It is awesome!
So, the reason for this post, there are no baking recipes on here yet ( will post later!), but I just wanted to show you some of the displays of awesome desserts they have!!

There is a place called The Hershey Story Museum. This is a must see. Top reason: they have CLASSES you can take there. How cool! It is called 'The Chocolate Lab." You have to sign up early though, these classes fill quickly! I tried to go to a truffles making class, but it was booked full.

Check out the link!
The Chocolate Lab

Chocolate World. So awesome.

In the Hershey Reese's display area, my favorite candy!

Now time for the delicious dessert display.....

This was a chocolate mousse cup with whipped cream and a cherry on top.
I can bet you this is made from Hershey chocolate!!

Can we say HEAVEN? I mean, just LOOK at this creation.
I just wanted to lick the display case.

ahhhhhh yum yum.

Their cupcakes. YUM. They had an area where you could make your own cupcake. Just look how HUGE they area, topped with tons of frosting, AND my favorite candy......REESE'S!

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