Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Baking

HAPPY 2010!!!   Hi Friends, I hope everyone's New Year is going great so far.

I was on the internet and came across this link, and I looked it up. It has some good 2010 cooking/baking goals. Check it out! New Years Baking.

 Me, Personally didnt make a resolution this year. I always do, but never follow up with it. I don't like to make up resolutions, so I made up goals to work toward instead. I made up a handful, but here are the two baking goals I made:

1. Take baking classes
2. Create some more recipes of my own. ( I had a good start in 2009, creating my pumpkin cookie that was SOOOOO good!)

If you have any baking resolutions, feel free to leave a comment! :-)

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