Monday, January 18, 2010

Gormet Cupcakes, Beverly Hills

When I was out in Los Angeles, we were driving around and seeing all the amazing sights. My birthday was on the friday we were out there. We were driving around Beverly Hills that day, and my sister-in-law suggested we go get these amazing cupcakes. This trendy cupcake shop was in Beverly Hills, called Sprinkles.

Trust me, these cupcakes were AMAZING. They were SO GOOD! We went in at the right time, because as we were driving away, there was a line outside the door!

I snuck a pic while inside the shop!


Red Velvet


The cupcakes were amazing, loaded with yummy frosting, and moist cake! There are only 7 locations in the U.S. but they plan on opening more stores soon! I hope the next store is in Washington DC!!
They are definately more expensive than your typical cupcake, but
I promise you that these are no typical cupcake. Gormet is their middle name!

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Miss. Ziegler said...

Mel, couldn't you be the one to open the next store in DC!? You surely could pull that one off! You're amazing.