Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pizzolie? What the heck is that!?


What the heck is that!?

Well, I will tell you! A Pizzolie is one of my personal creations.  When I was trying to figure out how to make cannolis last year, I discovered there was a lot to it. 
So, I decided to make a short cut! 

Why not roll a pizzelle cookie into a cannoli shape?

I tried ever!hing to try to roll them, but nothing quite worked perfectly, and I ended up with lots of burned fingers!

So, I went on  and googled cannoli. (P.s. I love amazon, I order lots of stuff on there!) Cannoli Rollers, Cannoli Forms came up. So, I ordered some cannoli form rollers. They were like $10 for 8 of them.

I tried again, rolling the pizzelle cookie. It worked a lot better, not yet perfect. It took a few tries!

Also, to able to even make a pizzelle, you need a pizzelle maker! When I lived in Pennsylvania, I went into the Exton Mall, and bought one at the store called Kitchen Kapers. I LOVE that store, they have so much fun stuff in there!

Mine is called a Cucina Pro, and it was around $50.

The trick is, you can to get the pizzelle off the iron fast before it hardens. In that time you have to roll them so they form around the cannoli mold.

I usually let them sit for a few hours so they can harden a bit. You definately do not want soft shells.

Here are some pictures I took.

               The pizzolie shells

The pizzollie shells drizzled in semi sweet chocolate, confectioners sugar and cinnamon waiting to be stuffed with cannoli filling!

The final product! Look how great they came out. If you do not eat them right away, they should be refrigerated. I'll post the recipe for cannoli filling later!

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