Saturday, September 5, 2009

More Cake Fun!

Hey Friends! I have more cake adventures! A friend from work asked me to make a cake for his anniversary this weekend. He liked the other cake I made, so he asked me to make the same one. I was lucky, more practice and easy for me!

For this cake, he wanted a vanilla cake flavor with chocolate chips. I used Nestle mini chocolate chips, and they worked great because they are so small.

I followed the same pattern from the last cake with the fondant. This time, I rolled the fondant into little round balls, and placed them around the base.

I again did the fondant bow, which with more practice came out nicely.

Another view

Final Product! It was easy to make this cake because it was almost the same as the cake I made earlier last week. I added on their anniversary date with white icing, and drizzled chocolate with mini chips on top. YUMMY!

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