Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ok. Here is a piece of advice from me. It is in the form of a website.

I ordered some baking/cooking books off there earlier in the month to expand my repertoire and give me some new ideas. You will not believe how many different books there are on this website! There are new books, used books, different sellers etc. 

All the books in the pictures below are books I ordered off of There is something you probably can't tell by looking at them. They are all used books! I ordered all these used books, and it was so much cheaper, and they were practically brand new hardcovers!

There may be a little more weathered than some, but it is practically unnoticeable! You obviously have to pay for shipping, but one of these books I ordered, I got for less than $1, and it is practically brand new!

I do advice to check the sellers ratings and feed back. I did, and i went with the ones that got the highest ratings, and the books I received are in fantastic shape! So, do not overlook purchasing a used book!

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